India flaunts her rich cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity to the world. There is no nation with such varied demographics and tantalizing subset of cuisines. The tastes seem to change with every step, each being equally lip smacking. This can be estimated by the fact that the aloo muter curry itself has over 50 ways of being prepared across the subcontinent. These favorable differences arise due to the geographical and climatic variations. A dal tadka has to have zeera in it while being served in a dhaba in Delhi, while the same will have a seasoning of mustard seeds when served at a restaurant in Pune, that’s the beauty of India!

Although describing the Indian cuisine holds enough immensity to be made a separate doctorate stream, here are a few classic Indian dishes, endemic to a region, which you just cannot afford to miss!

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

The delectable Kashmiri dish is made from lamb meat and is known for its ravishing red and spicy flavor. Saffron and red chilly are the ones that impart it its rouge red hue. The dish is best enjoyed with pulaav or freshly made kulchas or roomali rotis.

Kaali daal

kaali daal

This whole black gram dal or Urad daal is widely eaten in the country, but seems that the Punjabis love it more than anything! You can smell the delicacy cooking houses away with loads of desi ghee and cream being used in the same. It has a spicy flavor and is preferred to be eaten with plain rice or makke di roti.

Daal Baati Churma

Daal Baati Churma

One is not a Rajasthani if one hasn’t had Daal baati Churma. It is the soul to Rajasthani food and savored by millions. This dish is a triad of taste. Daal – similar to Kaali daal listed above, Baati – hard baked dough, filled with spicy sattu and diced onions, Churma – a coarse ground wheat flour, besan mixure, heated and assorted with cardamoms, kesar and dry fruits. The delight of this recipe is unmissable.

Tunday Kabab

Tunday Kabab

Probably the best thing the city of Lucknow has offered to the world, Tunday Kababs. It is a dish made out of minced meat and is said to have a combination of over 150 spices. This classic meat dish is cooked in desi ghee and is sure to give you a foodgasm when enjoyed with roomali roti or paratha, accompanying pudina chutney.



This is a regional speciality of Gujarat, especially for the veggies. A lot of vegetables go in this spicy delicacy namely potato, beans, plantain, yam and what not. The seasoning of garlic, coriander and green chilly gives the punch to this dish. Gujjus enjoy eating the same with Puri and Shrikhand by side.

Nga Atoiba Thongba

nga atoiba thongba

This Manipuri dish gives us a glimpse of the North Eastern eating ways of India. These dishes mainly include stewed, steamed and boiled vegetables and meats. Nga Atioba Thongba is more a way of cooking fish than a fish stew dish itself. For the preparation, any freshwater fish is cooked along with spices and vegetables and the flavour is kept light. The dish gets its taste from the fish itself while ginger and garlic help enhance the aroma.

Macher Jhol

macher jhol

It is a traditional Bengali and Oriya recipe having a close relation to its Northeastern comrade, this too is a fish stew, but cooked in a different way, yielding a taste unique to its identity. Cooked with Rohu fish, this dish has a light, spicy flavor with goodness of the nutrients in the fish. This dish is served with bhaat, as the Bengalis have it.

Paav Bhaji

Paav Bhaji

A dish native to Maharashtra but eaten all across the country. The spicy bhaaji is an all time favorite while the butter soaked and golden brown roasted paav just takes a food lover’s heart away. The dish is garnished with onions, coriander and lime.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

Biryani can be translated as the best usage of rice done by mankind ever. To a person who loves food, Biryani is heaven. The dish is cooked best in the streets of Hyderabad with skill and devotion of years. The perfectly cooked meat and the tantalizing rice along with the wondrously proportioned spices make it a boon, ready to be eaten.

Masala Dosa


Dosa is healthy, light dish, hailing from the southern part of India, widely eaten in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. The crunch and flavor of this wafer thin vegetarian delicacy will amaze you. The ‘masala’ in masala dosa is the yellow, light potato curry, filled between the dosa layers or given aside the roast along with coconut chutney and sambar.



Here comes the food from Kerala! Appam is a duet of fermented rice and coconut milk. The simplicity of this dish makes it adaptable to numerous alterations and gives rise to a wide variety of dishes with Appam as their root, ranging from sweet to spicy. This healthy dish is taken as a regular breakfast or dinner in the southern states.

 As mentioned before, it would be a herculean task to compile all the Indian cuisines into one strand; nevertheless, this is an attempt to give you a glance at the diversity in the eating habits of a happy India. Happy eating!

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